I am so excited you have chosen to follow along with my adventures here in the city of Medellin! I moved here in November of 2016 from California and I have had so many lovely (and some not as lovely) experiences that I really want to share with the world! I figured since I love to write what better way to do so than to start  a blog.

I will give insider tips and tricks for traveling and living in this beautiful city of Medellin that they call the “City of Eternal Spring”. It truly is, but for many Californians we don’t experiences a lot of rain in “our spring” but Medellin sure does. The city itself, is located in the Andes mountains, and it rains on an almost daily basis here. We are technically in the jungle, at over 5,000 feet! So luckily (for me) there are no bugs! I really can’t stand too many bugs, especially mosquitos as they usually like my sweet blood! But here, no worries, only if you travel to the lower elevations will you run into very many.

I bought a stunning apartment here in the city, as my plan was (and is) to run a successful Airbnb where guests from the US (and beyond) know their host will speak English and help them out along the way. It an be very daunting (especially if it is your first time traveling out of the states) to get out and explore the world that lies beyond our borders. I personally lived and studied abroad during my college days in Madrid, Spain for a year and I know how scary it can be to hop on a plane and say goodbye to friends and family at home even if for a short while.

However, since then I have also lived in Quito, Ecuador, and La Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico. Patter here? Capitals? Mountains? Yep, you betcha, but when doing my research for a new place to live I found that Bogota (the capital of Colombia) was far too cold. So, instead of electing the capital as my next place to lay down some roots, I chose a city with much less people but a much MORE enjoyable climate and friendly people. I have not yet visited Bogota, but even the locals here warn you that the people there are “not very friendly.” No thanks, I’ll go for a visit to the museums one day!

I will post as frequently as possible, but I am also willing to do a blog post based on what MY READERS…YOU, might want to know more about. So, if you are interested in visiting the beautiful city of Medellin, in the 2nd most BIODIVERSE city of the world let me know what topics interest you!


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