Hello my lovely new readers! Thank you so much for clicking on the about page of my blog. I’m so excited you want to learn more about me! So who am I? Why am I here in Medellin? Why did I decide to write a blog? Let me answer as many questions as I think you might have as a possibly can, because that’s what I do best, write a lot!

So, first off, my name is Nicole and I am currently 32 years old. I grew up on a farm in  small town in northern California until I moved to San Diego for college. I needed some people and culture to interact with, after living 18 years in a town of just under 1,000 people. Yes, a very, very small town. So I’ve already lived the “finca life” as one might say. I had a desire to immerse myself in a larger city where I could grow and expand and become who my heart and soul was searching to become. During my studies, I spent one year in Madrid, Spain where I fell in LOVE with the Spanish culture and the language. It was many years after my return to the U.S. that I went back to school for my teaching credential. I wanted to share my love of the Spanish language with as many people as possible, so I figured what better way than to teach.

I taught Spanish for a total of 7. I’ve heard that 7 is a very cyclical number, so I guess my time was up. But during that time, at the start of the credential program I spent just over a month living in Quito, Ecuador with a family where I fell EVEN MORE IN LOVE with their culture and the Spanish language. I knew that I was headed in the right direction. Once on my teaching career path, I enjoyed many ups and downs. Being “in charge” of over 30 teenagers in a room at a time is a challenge, no joke, but I made my teaching fun, being so crazy as to INCORPORATE reggeaton into my lessons to get my students really interested. *You have really got to meet the students where there are, in things they are interested in, to get them hooked!* Also, during this time I applied for and was awarded a teacher’s scholarship to study in Cuernavaca, Mexico and live with a family. This was another eye-opening experience as I had NEVER been to Mexico even though I lived in California and studied in San Diego. Crazy right? Yep, but, I finally made it, and fell EVEN MORE IN LOVE THAN EVER BEFORE with the culture and continually so with the language.

My time came. I guess that’s what we will call it. My heart was calling for a change, and the Law of Attraction provided me just that. Needless to say (or to cut a terrorizing story short) I sold my house in California, and decided to take 6 months to decide where my new “home” would be. Somewhere, where I could use the profits of my house to invest CASH into a new place. So, that ruled out the United States, and most other countries to be honest. But for me, I knew that I would be moving to a Spanish speaking country. As some of my blogs mention, winter is not my thing. So that also ruled out many countries in South America. I also don’t so much enjoy the beach for long term living as I do the mountains, but again, I ALSO needed to live in a city. Mexico is more expensive and Ecuador is colder so it came down to Colombia, and I did my research enough to know that the capital city would not be a fit for me. So, I chose MEDELLIN! I have never been happier, this City of Eternal Spring truly is a paradise for anyone so lucky to discover it!

So, why am I writing a blog, and in English nonetheless? Well, because I know that blogs and personal stories/accounts can really grab a person’s attention. While Medellin is a hidden gem, and I don’t want everyone to know about it just yet, I do feel that it is my duty as an experienced traveller, a woman used to being independent and making a lot of strong, courageous decisions solo, that I wanted (those seeking) to have the opportunity to read first hand accounts as to what it is like to live in Medellin. From buying a house, to doing remodels, to going furniture shopping, to interacting with the locals, to taking weekend trips to other cities in this 2nd most biologically diverse country of the world, and heck, to simply get other people, millennials and beyond, excited about the potential to become an expat BEFORE you retire. I mean, why wait?

Just do it now! Not happy where you are? Bored with life? Can’t stand the way of life with no “happiness” except on Fridays and Saturdays? Whatever your reasons are, it could be it has nothing to do with you. HONESTLY. Yeah yeah, I know the saying “wherever you go there you are”…BUT there is something to be said about why certain countries, cultures, etc. are “happier”. It’s a way of life, its a vision placed in our heads since birth about what is “right” and what is “wrong” and it’s about taking chances and seeing if maybe you could learn to call another place home. This is a planet. We are all humans, and we live on it. Who said you had to stay in one place; country, city, state, town your whole life? Like really? Who told you that?

I hope my blog can reach those who are longing for a change. Who might be scared, but who are willing to learn more about other cultures, and who are hopeful about starting a new life abroad. Becoming an expat can be scary but not when you take the time to make the change and adjust. Not when you are easy on yourself and kind to yourself during the process. There are many steps. Those are overwhelming, but the big picture, the goal, the hopes and dreams of life abroad are really just a few steps away.

I know this to be true because the actual BUSINESS I run here (based in/around Medellin) is called Destination Self Love™. I take groups of 6-10 women on retreats to the surrounding fincas of Medellin. We complete a world renowned 2-day Heal Your Life® workshop, based on the teachings of Louise Hay,  and her worldwide bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, that can (if you allow it to) completely transform your life. Is there work afterward? Yes. Just as with any transformational experience you need to continually do the work once you get home but this is a once in a lifetime experience that I highly recommend!

*FULL DISCLOSURE: The ONLY reason I am here, living, successfully, and happy, in Medellin (after the terrorizing story I cut short above/didn’t mention) is 100% based on the fact that I myself read Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life and attended a 2-day workshop with a teacher back in the U.S. and I realized that life is SO worth living, and to the FULLEST, and here is what I plan to do, and I planned and I did it AND I am continuing to do it! And you can to! If I had not read Louise Hay’s book nor attended this life-transforming workshop, I would most likely be in a ball (still) of sadness and despair. I won’t share those stories here as they are not relevant to this blog per se, but PLEASE feel free to check out my website to learn more if this has peaked your interest at all. Check out my website for my business DESTINATION SELF LOVE here! 

Thank you so much for reading this entry and learning more about me. You taking the time to click on this page and learn more about me, shows that you care about connection. So do I, so please like my FB page, and follow along with my adventures, and if you can, join me on one of my upcoming retreats! In one  of the two retreat options I offer, I plan a full week of adventure in and around Medellin after completing the workshop. So, heck, even if you are not interested in living here, but are dying to visit, but unsure about traveling here alone, check out this retreat. It’s a two for one really! Emotional healing+travel I mean what else could one want!

Much love to all of you and I can’t wait to meet some of you in person, perhaps one day, when you stay with me at my Airbnb or join me on a retreat!

As always, I will leave you with the link to my two Airbnb rooms so that you can easily locate them when you are looking for a place to stay. *Note, I am currently only accepting guests who can stay 7+ days!

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